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    I get bored during the day so I started making daily outfit gifs 8(c

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    Yoho NP, Canada ➾ Luke Gram

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    Russian Surrealism, The Color of Pomegranates, Сергей Параджанов

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    “X” belongs to Kiru

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    Tumblr Artist

    Sayaka Maruyama | on Tumblr (b.1983, Japan/Netherlands) - Sakura (2012)

    Sayaka Maruyama was born in Japan and moved to Holland with her family at age of 12. That 3-year-stay in different culture influenced her in many ways especially in terms of art education. Her practice traverses the mediums of photography, film, drawings, installation and performance. Drawing on classical Japanese references and Surrealist motifs, her work explores contradictory contemporary understandings of Japanese notions of beauty, from both Western and Eastern perspectives. Maruyama has exhibited widely in London and Tokyo, and her images have been published in several renowned periodicals. Please visit artist’s website or follow her Tumblr for more work.

    [more Sayaka Maruyama | artists found at ruineshumaines

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